Saturday, January 10, 2009

I really tried to shop

Would you pay me $50 for these old jeans? Levi's would. They have a promotion now, part of their "wear only the original" campaign where they will give you $50 for a pair of old jeans, any brand, and you can use that amount towards the purchase of a new pair of Levi's -- provided that it's priced at $100 and above. That's at least a 50% discount, I thought at first, but further browsing at the Levi's store revealed that most of their jeans cost closer to $200.

But a bargain is a bargain and I only had one requirement of them. If they took my old jeans, they had to give me a similar pair -- ie, capri length, preferably with embroidery trimming. This no-name brand pair was bought at a discount store, probably for less than $50 -- which made the bargain an even better deal. It's comfy but the stretch material has stretched so much through years of washing that the waist is too loose for me now and I need a belt to hold it up.

Only thing was, Levi's didn't have anything like this. They had straight cut, boot leg, skinny jeans but no capris. And definitely nothing with an embroidery trim. I wanted girly jeans, they only had "jeans" jeans.

I guess I'll hang on to this pair for a while longer.

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