Thursday, January 08, 2009

Work mate

Here's Roop doing his own silly thing -- sleeping on the bag that I carry to work, which I've discarded on the floor. It's hardly comfortable because there're poky things inside like a collapsible umbrella (it's monsoon season again), a wallet, diary and walkman, which must be jutting into his ribs. But then again, as L and I sigh when Roop does unexplainable things, "he's Rupert".

He's done this a few nights in a row, and now my bag is covered with fur. I don't mind it really. Sometimes at work, I'd look at the furry bits and smile when I think of my silly boyo.

And then, just for fun, L put round his neck the little cooler bag that I use to keep my packed dinner warm. I've got to say a fox terrier with a dinner bag looks more welcoming than a St Bernard with a brandy cask. But then I'm biased.

Sure wish I could take him to work with me though.

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Milly said...

We travel with a bag like this packed with dry dog food for the boys. Luie somehow recognizes it from the Houston and Branson jaunts this year. When I brought it home and tossed it on the luggage pile, still full of packets of dry dog food, Luie confiscated the bag, somehow got it unzipped and he and Gus feasted on 4 pristine bags of dog food -- enough for 2 full meals each. I caught him carrying the red bag around the house even after it had been emptied -- and he looked just like Rupert -- except the bag was in his mouth instead of around his neck. Luie says: Good going, Roo! MGW