Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The C word

HRH's bump is a mast cell tumour. When L took the vet's call and I heard "mast cell", my heart sank and well, it's been sunk since. We go back to the vet on Friday, get some counselling and discuss options.

By and large, amputation is one of them. Because of the site and the need to remove tissue surrounding the tumour just so you know you got it all if it had spread, HRH may very probably lose the whole leg and not just a toe, as we at first feared. And depending on the spread, chemo may be necessary.

It is a lot to subject a little dog to.

I'm not sure if we're handling this well. A. happened to be here when the vet called. He was quite a brick, just very calmly and quietly sat on the couch and occupied the dogs while we huddled into the bedroom, shut the door and wept. We're both complete basket cases today, and I'm not going to be much good at work, so took the day off.

Later, L went to the supermarket and came back with ice cream for HRH. I guess there's something to be said for retail therapy.

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