Sunday, March 18, 2007


More than a year ago, HRH's groomer had a Schnauzer pup for sale and L was then so taken in by it and almost wanted to get until I put my foot down and said I'm not buying a pet shop dog. We actually took Kayla home with us one afternoon -- HRH was not amused and certainly not gracious and welcoming at all.

Well, the groomer never did sell Kayla and decided to keep her for herself. Kayla is now a year and a half and is going blind from bilateral cataracts. Just like what Queeni went through. Only Kayla is so much younger. And Y has five or six dogs and doesn't have $5,000 in loose change for the cataract removal op (and that's supposed to be at a discount, $3,000 for one eye and $5,000 for two). She may be forced to let Kayla, well, go blind. It's making me very, very sad. There's a breeder out there that needs to be shot.

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