Saturday, March 17, 2007

These boots were made for walking

Actually, not really. They don't even keep moisture out from wet grass very well. All the same, it hasn't stopped HRH from walking all over us.

We got her the booties to keep the op site on her paw dry and free from any irritation grass or sand might cause, now that her dressing and stitches have been removed. Just to be on the safe side, although the site has healed over and soon, she will have no excuse not to have a bath. She's taken well to the booties, probably because we're not making her wear all four at a go, just one on the paw where she was used to a bandage anyway.

And since she's being subjected to footwear, she might as well wear disco boots -- I picked the ones in a glittery, silvery pink fabric. They cost me $30. L was horrified. You could buy a pair of human shoes for that sort of money. Real shoes, with straps, buckles, soles, heels, uppers and insoles. These booties are just glorified socks, with a stretchy band round the leg and velcro to hold it in place. There's a plastic material sewn on the base but it isn't entirely water-proof. And just because they come four at a pop doesn't justify the cost.

We got them from the groomer's shop. She would have been happy to charge us a fourth of the price for just one boot but she didn't think she would have a three-legged customer wanting the shoes we didn't need to take.

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