Saturday, March 31, 2007

How much does time cost?

We went for a dressing change and a recheck today. The wound still looks very "angry" (the vet's word) -- which is probably why HRH still isn't putting weight on that leg. The vet also explained that she will take some time to learn how to distribute her weight over three toes on that paw. But at least she is using that paw to scratch, so it's not so bad.

We will go back every three months to recheck and keep an eye on things. The vet says he has "probably" got everything with the amputation of the toe. But of course, he won't guarantee anything, mast cells being what they are. Even if we had taken the most drastic option and had the whole leg amputated above the lymph node, I don't think he would guarantee anything either, it'll be against his integrity. If the growth recurs, it may happen in six months. In which case, he has "bought her time" and we will readdress the issue then.

If it happens. I want to look at it as the glass being half-full.

Six months is a long time for a dog; he reminded us that one year for us is seven for them. But there never is enough time when it comes to your baby.

Biopsy, including dressing change: $538.65

Toe amputation: $601.20

Queeni home: Priceless

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eslow said...

She'll be the stuff of legend, like nine-fingered Frodo.