Friday, March 30, 2007

Centre of everything

Most dogs would be happy just being allowed to sleep on the bed. But I guess royalty is more demanding. A mattress on the bed is not enough, HRH needs to lie on a soft pillow over the mattress.

Now Rupert, however, has no sense of his body. After all, he's the one who runs into walls, trips over his own feet and rolls off the couch. Only the other night, L fished out from under that sleeping puppy a hard bone. Rupert had been sleeping with it rammed against him and probably never felt it. Unlike HRH, he's definitely no prince who can feel a pea 100 mattresses under.

We used to jokingly say he's austitic. His vet calls him a nuthead, remember? We joked about the same with the senior vet who is seeing HRH and he quite seriously thinks there is a case for autism. Or well, being different. He pointed out that in World War I, fox terriers were used in the trenches to deliver messages. These were the only dogs that would run undeterred through bullet fire. So if bullets won't stop the likes of Rupert, that baby gate has no chance.

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